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LHR London Heathrow To CHC Christchurch


LHR London Heathrow To CHC Christchurch


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Welcome to Christchurch

Are you in a muddle of not being able to decide where to hop on for a perfect holiday which really tends you to throw aside all your hassles. Then why not come forward to exact travel Flights and explore the most beautiful of lands the New Zealand. And the Christchurch which really portray the untouched scenic beauty before your eyes for an ultimate soothing factor! Stop thinking and book tickets to Christchurch because this place is may be one of the few places left on earth which besides being civilized and developed showcases irresistible beauty and splendor. So get ready to have this wonderful happenstance with NZs longest glacier. What about boating in a white icy lake with ice burgs all around? Feeling excited but there are simply much more than this. Just take a bus to the gorgeous white Tasman valley which will reach you to the heart-pounding Tasman Glacier terminal lake. Enjoy the exquisite opportunity of touching and tasting 300 years old ice burgs and crystals.

But this is just the one thing come to the other livelier and beautiful side by discovering the Cathedral Square where the exotic artwork by the incredible local artists alone suffices to make this place glaring and vibrant. This inspirational artwork would where take you exhilarated there on the other hand the optimism that fills the air would make you feel more than just being activated to life.

The exotic and striking Akaroa is the ultimate cruising port in the main Canterbury which offers you such glee and elation with the placid waterfront and the mind-boggling scenery ample wildlife and yeah the lively cafes blessing the real hue to this heavenly place. The best part about this place is that apart from its being crowded it offers serenity and tranquilizing factor to all coming here! And cruising around this place and the surrounding bays is really the ultimate thing meant for your elation! But there is much more to do in Christchurch than this. Every part of the city if filled with such exoticness and panorama that you are going to live this perfect unspoiled place where everything is perfect even the air you would feel like loaded with a cologne of life. So travel to Christchurch this time and be prepared for a journey you are going to remember all your life.