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LHR London Heathrow To TYO Tokyo


LHR London Heathrow To TYO Tokyo


LHR London Heathrow To TYO Tokyo


LHR London Heathrow To TYO Tokyo


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Welcome to Tokyo

The metropolitan of Tokyo obviously remains at the top list of the visitors heading to Japan! Oh you should not ask the reason because the lovely sights and the luxuries of a modernized urban lifestyle is matchless! Truly a global city densely populated and rich with culture and heritage Tokyo has almost everything what it takes to get refreshed after a hectic daily life! So do not miss out this chance and get ready to fly to Tokyo because Exact travel is offering cheap and affordable travel deals to Tokyo this summer

Tokyo has a number of unbeatable attractions which can make up your trip this marvelous city which is a mix of modern lifestyle and orthodox manners is quite and relaxing! Spend a few days of rejuvenation! See the wonderful attractions around the city and get dazzled by the golden lights by nights giving rise to an ambiance! Fabulous food and commendable accommodation is Tokyo

Spare some time to see the shrines and stone lanterns the skyscrapers and ritzy shopping malls and tranquil gardens shop some top brands and have a quixotic luncheon at one of the restaurants with stylish Italian dcor

Attractions to Tokyo mainly unite the beautifully constructed temples and shrine so start up with the residence of Emperor of Japan the Tokyo Imperial Palace and East Gardens offering a placid and serene ambiance! Then the Meiji shrine which can be best described in two words austere and serene! Because it is not as flashy and vibrant as the Indian temples and places of worship it offers you exquisite chance of purification and pondering! For added charm visit on a Sunday morning and witness the glee of a marriage procession! Bride in White Kimono and Groom in Black Robe walking under a red parasol following the priests is a spectator to behold

Now some of the Japanese culture head over to Kabuki theatre for some heavily tailored dance and drama! The ornate and the makeup of performers are delicate and dazzling! You can purchase an English earphone guide for real time translation

Japan has all the leading cosmetic home dcor and fashion brands but where to go for grabbing he original one because you may need to be aware of the replicas! Shibuya is a chic and fashionable shopping district known to be a trend setter for Japanese youngsters from centuries so why cannot you discreet it! Land into its famous five way scramble-crossing

Japan has got everything for everyone from discreet shrine to swanky malls and entertainment district now it is the time to pulsate your aesthetic sense! Are you a nature lover? If yes then Mount Takao offers you hiking opportunities with unique and picturesque landscape! Those who do not wish to hike can take a cable car straight up to the Mount to have a look at the beauty from that height! Enjoy scenery at this stunning peak as well as satisfy your taste buds at the Ukai Toriyama restaurant! So plan a trip and fly to Japan with Exact Travel