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Mumbai is arguably one of the biggest cities of India. It has got the largest population in India, even more than its capital. Mumbai’s metropolitan status is nothing to be surprised of – given that it has a lot of economic opportunities. Most notably, Mumbai is famous for its film industry – known around the world as Bollywood – so it wouldn’t be wrong to compare Mumbai with Los Angeles as far as the cinema industry is going. The presence of a well-known and well-established movie industry guarantees a number of jobs and economic opportunities for people from all backgrounds in Mumbai and at the same time makes Mumbai one of the greatest cities for tourists to visit.

Mumbai finds itself a host to several important national buildings and monuments that attract a lot of tourists. Take, for example, the historic Gateway to India. This monument, erected to commemorate the landing of the British King in India in the 20th century, is a marvelous piece of architecture, and a popular tourist site. It is proximal to water as well, being located at the waterfront of the Apollo Bunder area. The monument is so popular for tourists, it has been described as the ‘Taj Mahal’ of Mumbai by some.

Being a port city, Mumbai is blessed with a number of exotic beaches that adorn its beautiful coastline. These beaches serve as an excellent spot for attracting tourists which help drive Mumbai’s economy. The coastal, maritime climate of Mumbai’s beaches which is sufficiently warm is liked by many tourists, who visit these beaches to bathe themselves in the sunlight. One of the famous Mumbai beach is the Gorai Beach. An amusement park, Easel World, is located near the beach so there is a lot of fun and entertainment there for you – or at least any kids you bring with you on the trip!

It must be mentioned that Mumbai is leading India in terms of commercial and financial activities.  Generating about 6 percent of India’s GDP, Mumbai finds itself in the top ten commercial cities of the world. Mumbai is also known for providing 25% of India’s industrial output and 70% of its maritime trade. This ensures a number of business opportunities, which, when coupled with Mumbai’s growing film industry, attracts migrants from all over India and also the world, leading to Mumbai becoming a melting pot of cultures where you can find people from all races, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds and religions.

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Mumbai, or as many people would call it by its old name, “Bombay” is an important source of tourist attraction. Mumbai, named after the Indian Goddess “Mumbadevi” is the site of an ancient culture, mesmerizing traditions and the home of 18 million people. Mumbai is known for its beaches, its welcoming citizens, its lavish nightclubs, its luxurious hotels etc. Mumbai is the hub of many cultures uniting in one place creating a fascinating city that is worth visiting. If you plan on visiting Mumbai, India, look forward to dwelling in the fascinating history and historical monuments which drip with the stories of centuries old history of not only the city of Mumbai but India itself. Experience the nightlife and the beauty behind the culture in every street and with every food you eat, Mumbai offers it all in one place. Booking a flight to Mumbai will surely be a decision you will not regret making.

The weather in Mumbai is tropical with high humidity. Mumbai receives most of its tourists from the month of October until April. Most of Mumbai’s festivals and events occur during these months. Holy is a very popular festival many people fly to Mumbai to attend. Ganesh Chaturthi festival, which continues from August until September, is a 10 day festival which is also highly known and thus, attracts many tourists.

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