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Welcome to Guangzhou

Guangzhou a city of politics economics and tourism is the favorite of thousands of people flocking here every year! The attractions to Guangzhou are though not that famous but they are filled with a sort of diversity and enlightenment! Whether there are temples museums or the modern city structure zoo forts parks or opera houses you are going to spend a fantabulous time in Guangzhou. Book an air ticket to Guangzhou and spend an enlivening vacation in the heart of China because Guangzhou is famous for its exotic cuisine throughout world! The endless shopping malls and glitzy skyscrapers aptly describe the city! But wait it has far more diversity to offer. A lot of culture and history to get amazed with.

Start with the Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street in Liwan district! The street is known as the being eth busiest in China! You are going to see an interesting amalgamation of exquisite architecture exotic food and exhilarating civilizations! Still the catchiest feature remains to be its elegant and modern style architecture which really aesthetically pleases your senses! The restaurants and food stores are the biggest attraction to the tourists coming to this street. Being on a holiday means a lot of leisure and tranquility so you should consider heading over to the white cloud mountain the most famous mountains and the principle peak in Guangzhou! Having more than 30 peaks if you just get over the highest one you are having at utmost and matchless opportunity to view the panoramic as well as enthralling view of the entire city and Pearl River! Just close our eyes and imagine white fluffy clouds shrouding the mountain after a heavy rain! The scenic spots at White Cloud Mountain include Shanbei Shanding and Lihu each offering an array of diverse and picturesque setting to soothe your eyes.

What more can be a quixotic evening than a night tour in the Pearl River amidst all the golden luminosities reflecting in restful water and a penetrating tranquility! A fascinating night view and replication of neon lights would just mesmerize your mind. Scenic Corridor is the place where you can have walk hand in hand enjoying the hypnotic evening setting of the blazing with lights River. There are much more to do and see in Guangzhou! The endless shopping malls give the freedom of an ultimate shopping spree! There are restaurants and food stalls where you can exotic the world famous Chinese cuisines with most authentic recipes and original ingredients! So book your flights to Guangzhou right now with exact travel and get ready to have a wonderful time.