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Welcome to Lagos

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If you keep up with the numerous financial journals, you would know one thing for sure: Lagos is becoming a new commercial center. The capital of Nigeria, the country with one of the highest GDP growths in Africa, has been improving its economy since a lot of time, and is becoming one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Having the fourth largest GDP in Africa, the metropolitan area already has become one of the most important financial centers of Africa, housing and maintaining one of Africa’s largest and busiest seaports.

Part of Lagos’s economic success depends on how the city is trying to brand itself as a global city by increasing tourism in it. With different festivals, such as the successful 2009 Eyo carnival, the city has promising prospect in this regard. Lagos is becoming a kind of center for African community and the ‘black’ cultural identity, as evident by the Lagos Black Heritage Carnival. In addition to this, Lagos’s global city status is accentuated by its large number of hotels, which range from 3 star to luxurious 5 start facilities. Both local hotels and branches of international hotels can be found in Lagos.

As a port city, Lagos has got a lot of coastline, which it effectively uses in form of picturesque, beautiful beaches. Lagos’ famous beaches include the Alpha Beach and the Elegushi beach. The Elegushi beach is a private beach owned by the Elegushi Royal family. It is considered by some to be Nigeria’s bet beach, entertaining about forty thousand guests on a weekly basis, with a high turnout on Sundays. In addition to the beaches, there are a number of private beach resorts, the services of which tourists can avail. One such resort is the Inagbe Grand Beach Resort.

Lagos is especially famous for its sound all around Africa. Lagos’ music is considered to be one of the best. The Lagos Jazz Series is a franchise established for the promotion of Jazz music in Lagos, but it covers high quality life music in every genre. This musical event takes place for about three to five days every year. Apart from this event, Lagos has a jubilant and entertaining nightlife as well. Some of the most popular genres in Lagos include Afrobeats, Sakara Music, Nigerian Hip Hop, and juju music among others, Lagos is also home to ‘Nollywood’, the Nigerian movie industry.

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Lagos is a city filled with life. If you are planning to book a flight to Lagos, Nigeria, prepare to have the time of your life. Lagos is Nigeria’s largest city, also the city with the most population. Lagos is famous for its full-of-life atmosphere, you are guaranteed to not get bored once you step foot into this city. Lagos is also filled with endless possibilities and opportunities. There is no guarantee whether you will end up in a crowded market, a populated mall or an exciting and lavish nightclub. Whatever the possibility may be, you are guaranteed to have a great time. It is not a calming, silent city, although, if you have had enough of the constant thrill the city of Lagos gives you, you can always walk through the beaches to gather some peace. No matter how many times you have visited Lagos; there is always a chance for you to discover something or somewhere new every single time. Lagos is a city full of surprises and you will not regret choosing to travel there.

Lagos’s climate is mainly humid. You can have the time your life there but make sure to follow some certain rules such as dressing in a decent way and being polite to whomever you talk to. If you are planning to book a flight to Lagos, make sure you book your ticket beforehand, as the tickets can get expensive on the spot.

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