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LHR London Heathrow To ADD Addis Ababa


LHR London Heathrow To ADD Addis Ababa


LHR London Heathrow To ADD Addis Ababa


LHR London Heathrow To ADD Addis Ababa


LHR London Heathrow To ADD Addis Ababa


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Welcome to Addis Ababa

Do you wish to spend your holiday to a place that is exotic as well as varied? The get book cheap flights to Addis Ababa Ethiopia and hop on a versatile journey where you can have unlimited fun. The weather in Addis Ababa is very calm and cool and evenings cannot go without dual layers of clothing. So this is just the right place the attractions are enchanting and the place is easily accessible. There is a lot of tranquility in some parts and a lot of gaiety in other so you can rightly pick and choose as per your mood and desire. Addis Abba is situated in the slopes of Entoto Mountains which gives birth to pleasantness through the woody hillsides. There are numerous restaurants serving you lip smacking dishes! Just get cheap tickets to Addis Ababa.

Lodge at Star wood hotel and Resort that is the best rated in Addis Ababa so exhilarate at the National Museum or get dazzled by the wonderful architecture. Visit the Rift Valley and be stunned by the exquisite splendor that is a blend of spring ravishing lakes and the exotic wildlife. And when it comes to the wildlife the Omo National Park and the Awash national Park are the bets wildlife sanctuaries in Ethiopia. The sceneries are so mystifying that they make you just stay there.

The Sof Omar cave is another enchanting attraction near Addis Ababa which is a mesmeric underground cave. This cave is highly inspiring for Muslims because it is an Islamic shrine. Ethiopian National museum African Hall and Anwar mosque are also places worth-mentioning. You can opt for Addis Ababa Golf Club for an ultimate recreation. Addis Ababa is full of active and busy markets where you can buy everything try Friendship Supermarket which is a western style market. SO get ready for a fantastic time and travel to Addis Ababa which guarantees you a fun-filled and wonderful time.